Why Vinyl Tops Are Garbage & How To Fix It

Vinyl tops can look great on any lowrider but did you know they can cause problems for those of us unlucky enough to live in climates with excessive moisture?

As the legendary Lifestyle Car Club would agree…. “Vinyl Hides Paint” it also can hide other lurking problems on your ride such as rust. Rust is like cancer where it spreads in places unnoticed until it’s too late. Vinyl tops hold moisture and they will rot your roof out in the wrong climates. After sitting in storage for a few years Jay decided to remove the vinyl top from his Caprice Classic after noticing some strange bubbles underneath the vinyl top he had installed over a decade ago. What he discovered underneath the top was not pretty.


You can see that the vinyl top had trapped moisture and rotted the rear sail panels. Here is the Driver’s side.


The passenger side was just as bad.

After looking over the damage of the the roof panel, and both sail panels they will need to be replaced on this car. Jay needed to find a good donor car that never had a vinyl top installed. After a long search a donor car was found on Craigslist.


Every usable part was striped from this 1990 Caprice Classic.


As you can see the windshield and rear window were removed. The top and rear sail panels were cut off the donor car.


A sawzall made short work of this car.


The sail panels from the donor car.


Here is the entire roof from the donor car.

More to come soon!