We Service Aircraft Pumps and Valves

We Rebuild Aircraft Pumps

Hello Friends,

I have been working with aircraft hydraulics for several years now collecting and restoring parts. Through the years I have worked on countless pumps and dump valves for myself and now I offer you a hand with your own parts. Aircraft hydraulics in lowriders is considered by my friends into old school hydraulics and myself as a “art form”. I am one of the very few on the east coast working on aircraft hydraulics for lowriders and probably the only one on the east coast repairing dump valves. If you have any aircraft parts for your lowrider that you would like serviced please feel free to contact me. Most items after getting here for repair will be on the way back to you within a few days. I offer fast, friendly honest service of your parts.

Take Care,


We specialize in testing, repairing and rebuilding:

  • Pesco Hydraulic Pumps Overhaul / Repair – Pesco 777 and Pesco 280 models!
  • Vintage Square Dump Overhaul / Repair – OG Adel, Adex, Spool Type Generic Squares, Hydro-Aire #8’s, Hydro-Aire #6’s, Monster Greens and many more!!!!
  • Normally Open To Normally Closed Dump Conversions – Whittaker and Monster Greens!

And Much, Much More….

The valve is finished and ready to go back to it's owner.

After repair your parts are cleaned and tagged

We carry repair information on parts to make sure your parts get the best service possible.

Feel free to contact us for your early lowrider hydraulic needs! Pricing estimates available on request.

Jay Holding Pesco