Before installation you will need to pick up a hydraulic setup. Try to pick up a setup with Prestolite black MDY-7070 motors and slotted tang couplers. Aluminum blocks are recommended for light use, steel blocks are best for strength and electrical conductivity, the same applies for dump valves.

If you are new to hydraulics a two pump F-B-S-S is good to get you into the world of hydraulics. Remember that you are getting yourself into a world of constant maintenance. Oil needs to be changed, seals must be checked and batteries must be charged. The car will never ride the same once hydraulics have been installed. We have seen many people who said they don’t care about ride quality turn into babies once the hydros are in. If you feel this way about ride quality then maybe air ride is for you. Springs, batteries and various extras are not included with the kit you buy so keep that in mind if you are on a budget. Keep in mind that if you want to sit low then prepare for problems if you can’t service your own hydraulics. To save some money one pair of springs can be purchased then you can cut them in half. That will leave you with four springs for the entire car. The car may sit higher than you want when you first put in the springs but keep in mind that within about a week or two it will settle down some times about two inches or more!

Batteries should NEVER be anything but group 31 batteries for your lowrider. If this is your first setup then nothing more than 36 Volts is recommended.

Hydraulic Pumps After Plumbing