Rebuilding Cylinders

Here we have a Red’s hydraulics 10″ cylinder that has been leaking on us.

Its fairly easy to fix these leaky cylinders with just a few basic tools. The only things you’ll need are a bench vise and some channel locks and some new O-rings and teflon rings. This is the nice finished rebuilt and painted end product.

Rebuilding Reds Cylinders

Rebuilding Reds Cylinders

Step one is to remove the collar and bushing from the bottom of the cylinder. This is where you may need the vise, that collar can be on there very tight.

Rebuilding Reds Cylinders

Next you can just pull out the cylinder. You’ll need plenty of paper towels around because most likely it will be nice and greasy. We cleaned up our parts before we took the pics.


Then you should unscrew the cylinder head from the main cylinder and clean up all the threaded areas.


Now you’ll need to replace your torn up O-Rings. If you need O-Rings you can go to to order some nice new ones If you don’t know the dash number of the O-Rings you need you can go here for help on that. And you’ll need the split teflon back-up ring that goes with it.


You should use some blue locktite on the cylinder head and collar so they don’t fall off on you when you’re rolling down the street. Just put everything back in reverse order and your back in business. That’s it.