Lowrider Dictionary

People in lowriding have their own lingo. Here are some examples. Please contact us if we missed anything.


Adel – 1. Original dump valve from aircraft hydraulic brake system used in some hoppers. 2. A brand of aircraft pump sometimes used.

Adex – A perfect reproduction of a Adel dump valve from aircraft hydraulic brake system used in some hoppers.


B – Body – Reference to a early 90’s Chevrolet Caprice or Impala.

Bagged – A vehicle with an air adjustable suspension is said to be bagged.

Banging On Plaques – Lowriding as a fad.

Bounce – The act of jumping the car off of the ground.

Bow Tail – A Buick Riveria from the early 1970’s that are known for their unusual rear section.

Box Chevy – A Chevrolet Caprice or Impala from the late 70’s and through the 1980’s.


Candlestick – 1. The solenoid on a square dump. 2. Generic term for a square dump.

Caddy – A Cadillac.

Check – A check valve.

Clowning – Hitting switches, showing off or playing around with a lowrider.

Corners – The act of moving a individual corner of the vehicle with hydraulics.


D – Body – Reference to a early 90’s Cadillac Fleetwood.

D’s – Slang for Daytons.

Daytons – 1. Most desired brand of radial laced wire wheels for a lowrider. 2. Sometimes misused as a generic term for any wire wheel.

Deadhead – Hitting switches after the car has already been lifted all the way with hydraulics.

Deuce – Slang for a 1962 Impala.

Dog leg – Same as three wheel motion but one rear wheel is off the ground.

Dump – A valve used to control the downward movement of a car with hydros. 2. Slang to drop a car with hydraulics.


Etching – Talking about designs put on automotive glass.

Engraving – Designs put on chrome or gold surfaces on a lowrider.


Five O – A cop.

Flex – Hitting switches.

Foe – Slang for a 1964 Impala.


G – Body – Reference to a Regal, Monte Carlo, Cutlass or Grand Prix from the 1980’s.

Gate – Slang for a modern lift gate style pump used in lowriders today.

Glass House – A Caprice or Impala from the 1970’s.


Hop – Same as bounce.

Hydraulically Challenged – Someone who is new to lowrider hydraulics or clueless.

Hydros – Hydraulics.


Inlet – Where hydraulic fluid enters a hydraulic circuit.


Jacked Up – A car lifted all the way with hydraulics.

Juiced – A vehicle with a hydraulic adjustable suspension is said to be juiced or have juice.


Key – Another name for a coupler on a lift gate style pump had goes between the pump head and DC motor.


Lifts – Hydraulics.

Locked Up – When a vehicle with hydraulics is lifted to it’s highest point.

Low Low – A lowrider.


Monster Green – A reference to a large Hydro-Aire aircraft hydraulic valve.


Nose – Talking about the front of a car.


O-ring – A seal used in hydraulics.

Outlet – An opening that hydraulic fluid comes out of.


Pesco – A popular brand of aircraft pump used in early lowriders. Stands for Pump Engineering Service Corporation.

Plaque – A metal club logo put inside a lowrider used to represent a lowrider car club.

Pump head – A lowrider term for a hydraulic gear pump.


Queen – 1. A short version of trailer queen. 2. A car that isn’t driven.


Rag – A convertible top car.

Rivi – A Buick Riveria.

Rooster – Also some times called a mini rooster it is a slang name for a Pesco aircraft pump. This term comes from the sound of a Pesco pump in operation.

Rooster Tail – The trail of sparks when a lowrider is scraping on the ground.


Scrape – 1. The act of dragging a car while driving and shooting sparks. 2. A term for a lowrider.

Screaming Mimi – A slang name for a Pesco 280 aircraft hydraulic pump.

Shaw – Slang for Crenshaw Blvd. in LA, a famous lowrider cruising strip.

Slowdown – A adjustable valve used to control how fast a car with hydraulics comes down when dumped.

Spokes – 1. A generic term for wire wheels. 2. Referring to the metal spokes on a wire wheel.

Square – A heavy duty dump valve originating from aircraft hydraulics and used on serious setups.

Stratopower – A brand of aircraft pump sometimes used.

Supremes – The original choice wheel of early lowriders and looks like a deep dish five star rim.


Tank – A hydraulic reservoir on a pump.

Three wheel – Lifting a car with hydraulics so that one front tire is off the ground.

Tray – Slang for a 1963 Impala.


Unibody – A car without a true frame such as a import.


Valve – Shortened term for dump valve, check valve or slowdown valve.


Waterman – A dump valve used on some lowriders known to have pressure lock.

Whammy Tank – A setup where two pumps are sharing a large tank.

Whittaker – A dump valve used on some lowriders.


X – Block – A hydraulic part that equalizes pressure in a hydraulic circuit.

X – Frame – A strong frame for hopping that came in early Chevrolet Impalas.


Y – Block – A hydraulic part that can take two pressure inputs and has an output or vice versa.


Zeniths – Old wire wheels with cross laced spokes used on early lowriders.

Zig Zag – A old school slowdown valve.