Battery Charging


One major downside to having hydraulics is having to charge the batteries. Many people do not understand the basics of charging the batteries in their lowriders and as a result they don’t get the most from their setups. Also some serious safety issues will be pointed out.


Charging Hydraulic Batteries

Charging a bank on trickle charge.

Before charging your batteries disconnect you ground and positive terminal from the battery. The charger we are going to show below can charge multiple batteries at once. If you have a multiple battery charger you can do a bank at a time or if you have a small charger you can do one at a time. A typical battery like a Group 31 used in lowriders is a lead acid battery. This means the battery has lead plates inside and there is a sulfuric acid and distilled water mix acting as an electrolyte. These batteries can be VERY DANGEROUS if not cared for properly and treated with respect in a lowrider hydraulic system. Lead acid batteries have remained almost unchanged in technology since W.W.II.

Rule # 1 never smoke near charging batteries. When batteries are charging they release HYDROGEN gas. Hydrogen gas is very explosive and should be treated with respect.

Rule # 2 leave your trunk cracked or open when charging. Even though the amount of hydrogen gas released is in small amounts when charging a sealed trunk could trap this gas inside the trunk and be even more dangerous.

Rule # 3 disconnect your ground before charging the system. This can help prevent you from accidentally shorting out a battery post.

One thing to remember is charge slow or trickle charge. Make sure you have the time to charge slowly, always plan ahead for shows. When you charge your batteries it can cause the solution in the battery to boil if charged to fast. Basically when batteries are charged too fast you can end up drying out the cells inside causing the battery to fail or not work as well.

WARNING: WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR DEATH, INJURY, PROPERTY DAMAGE OR PROPERTY LOSS. THIS IS FOR INFORMATIONAL USES ONLY. Always wear safety glassed when working with batteries. Always wear rubber gloves when handling batteries. Keep a box of baking soda around to put on acid spills. Baking soda will help neutralize the acid of you spill any.

Distilled water can be added to each cell of the battery usually through service holes on the top. The solution can be tested with a hydrometer that is used to test the pH of the solution inside the battery. This tool will tell you if you need more distilled water or sulfuric acid.

A trickle charge tends to last much longer than a fast charge also. We have seen some cars charged only twice a summer on trickle and others almost every other day because it was a fast charge. Knowing this can make the entire ” lowrider experience ” more enjoyable. Also it is better to run your batteries down a good amount on the charge then make sure you charge them ALL the way on trickle. That will save battery life and battery memory. Battery memory is how long a battery will hold a charge.

This charger is great for lowrider because it can charge multiple batteries at once.

This charger is great for lowrider because it can charge multiple batteries at once.

Charging Batteries

The charger is connected to this bank and is on a trickle charge.