All Wheels Nationals Cape Cod, MA 8-27-05

Jim and Jay of the MA Chapter decided to go to Cape Cod for a quiet and relaxed car show. It took over 2 hrs to get to the show and 2 hrs back home. The show was held at the local fair grounds that was a dust pit. Dust was everywhere and you had to clean your car many times over at this show. The dust didn’t stop the guys from having a good time. Many people at this show had never seen a Traditional Lowrider before. Some thought Jay’s car was an electric car, to some it was nitrous, and some closed minded people hated on it. Any way they look at it, west coast lowriding is here to stay in New England! It was a good show and a good opportunity for Eternal Rollerz to explain the lowrider lifestyle and the many positive things that go along with it.