Although some of our rules may seem extreme, the club has ran well in the past with our basic rules. We are very flexible on some rules, please check with the Founding President if anyone has questions. We will continue to change things around as we adjust to cruising in the 21st Century. Even if you are not a member please read through our rules and you’ll have a better understanding of us and our dedication to the lifestyle.


Effective 11-22-14


1. ANY violations of the below rules may result in a warning, suspension, or removal from Eternal Rollerz Car Club.

2. Chapter Presidents are to enforce rules regarding their club chapter.

3. The Founding President reserves the right to make any final decisions regarding club issues.

Section I – Vehicles

1. Only TRADITIONAL style lowriders in Eternal Rollerz C.C. Vehicle MUST have Hydraulics, bags or lowered. Knockoff type Wire wheels are the rim of choice in our club. Please note 13’s and 14’s are the rims of choice on cars and 15’s on trucks. We will allow some vehicles on large wire wheels at our own discretion. The only exception to the wire wheel rule is the use of deep dish Supreme wheels with white wall tires on vehicles 1979 and older. Full size Trucks and SUVs are allowed in the club customized traditional lowrider style. They must meet the same standards as any other vehicles in the club. Vehicles voted in club by chapter enrolling in. Majority wins.

2. If a car is not finished it is welcome to cruise with the club. An under construction sign must be visible on the lower drivers’ windshield at shows.

3. NO VINYL stickers ( Club opera window vinyl stickers are OK ). Vehicles used ONLY in hydraulic competitions may have vinyl graphics of the club logos and other club or chapter related logos on the body.

4. We encourage our members to dabble in all aspects of lowriding. We encourage anything from a clean antique with aircraft hydraulics to radical hoppers. The typical car in out club is a clean street car.

Section II – Members

1. Membership is broken in several types of membership:


Full Members – This group includes:
  • Founding PresidentThe founder has final say in club direction and issues. The Founder keeps membership records and works closely with the web master.
  • Chapter President Chapter Presidents vote in new chapters and report to the Founding President. Chapter Presidents make sure that the Founder is up to par on all club matters such as new members, pictures or other important club records. Chapter Presidents organize and plan shows and events for their own chapter. This includes planning a show schedule for the season, coming up with meeting places and times for shows and informing members of the club activities. Other duties may include organizing fundraiser events/charities, thanking other clubs for shows, events, and many other behind the scenes activities that put the club in a good light.
  • Chapter Vice President Includes the Chapter’s President duties only in time of extended absence or sickness of the Chapter President. ONLY in time of extended absence or sickness of the Chapter President, a majority vote will be taken by chapter members to give the V.P. limited temporary power of Chapter President. Constant duties of the Vice President include checking on fellow chapter members and acting as a role model for other fellow members.
  • Prospects A new member with a vehicle that meets club requirements. Prospects are expected to attend club meeting and shows. A Prospect will become a Regular Member after a 6 month probationary period is over and a review is conducted of the Prospect. The probationary period may be shortened or lengthened by the Chapter President. A Prospect’s car will not be included on the site until the probationary period is completed.
  • Regular Members A member with a vehicle that meets club requirements. Regular members are expected to attend club meeting and shows. Members are encouraged to introduce interested non members to the club. A regular member is expected to purchase a plaque.
  • Floating Members A Floating Member is almost the same thing as a Regular Member but they may be excused from more meetings and shows. This type of membership is available only for members who move frequently or find it difficult to attend most chapter functions. A Floating Member is considered a member of a close chapter and they report to the closest Chapter President as would any other member of the chapter.

Partial Members – This group includes:

  • Inactive Members – A Inactive Member is any member except a prospect who has not attended club functions for at least two years but plans to return to the club in the future. The member must be on good terms with the club and the Chapter President will make the determination on the members status.
  • Honorary Members – See Section II Rule 10 below.

2. ALL members must make it to car club cruise meetings. Family, work , and other personal issues are always taken into account. Make sure the president is informed ahead of time.

3. All members are expected to buy a plaque within a REASONABLE amount of time. The Founding President decides what a reasonable amount of time is. Our new plaques are reasonably priced.

4. All enrolled members are REQUIRED to wear their Eternal Rollerz T-shirt at all car club functions. Some shows such as fund raiser shows or at non competitive shows your Chapter President may ask that the members dress in casual clothing. A car club function is something like a car show or other car related event involving other club members and cars. If there is confusion on what is considered a “Official” club function please ask your chapter president or vice president. Your shirts should not be worn at any other times. A club shirt is for club members or significant others of club members in our club, we have support gear for nonmembers. It is OK to wear support gear and other secondary club clothing in non club related functions.

5. The plaque and club T-shirt are the only expense. There are NO FEES or DUES in Eternal Rollerz C.C. We want you to invest your money in improving your car. This is supposed to be fun so why ruin it with dues? There are no start up fees and no monthly dues in our club. Because we have no dues we do ask that you give the club the best commitment you possibly can.

6. Members will help out recruiting new members and chapters for our club on the Internet and in the real world. This doesn’t mean try to recruit anybody and everybody. We want dedicated active new members with positive attitudes who will add to our club.

7. Members will show citizens, police, and other clubs respect where it is due. “The Golden Rule” is a fundamental moral principle which simply means “treat others as you would like to be treated.”

8. All members will keep things LEGAL! No illicit drugs, illegal weapons or anything that would bring the club a bad name in the community. Remember that you are a positive role model for younger generations that may someday build their own lowriders. We don’t want to add to the bad stereotype or image given to the lowriding hobby.

9. All members have knowledge and skills to share with fellow members. It helps keep things cheaper and improve the speed of our automotive projects. For example, trading a paint job for a hydraulics install.

10. This is a lowrider car club but we are more about the people in it. Any person who goes ABOVE and BEYOND expectations to help out full members and the chapter may be given HONORARY membership status. This option is available to anyone who has proven their dedication to the club with or without a lowrider. This is decided by the chapter president of the possible honorary member.

11. Eternal Rollerz DOES NOT allow dual memberships in any other independent type of car clubs. However non traditional lowrider vehicles may be enrolled in OUR OWN brother clubs that we will name in the future. Wearing another car club’s clothing is not permitted.

12. Car club members are expected to keep ALL club matters that are introduced at meetings private. Discussion of any parts or issues of a meeting to nonmembers or other clubs will result in immediate removal from the club no questions asked.

13. Club members are responsible for informing the chapter president ahead of time of shows or events they plan on attending on their own.

14. Members are expected to provide event coverage for the site when attending shows or events on their own.

Section III – Chapters

1. Other Chapters WILL keep founding chapter informed of new members, changes in member status, awards at shows and recent car show pictures. Other chapters need to stay in contact on a regular basis with the founding chapter. (Biweekly)

2. Majority vote rules in each chapter on all issues that arise. A vote can be called within each chapter by the chapter president.

Section IV – Prospects / New Chapters

1. New Chapters are to submit pictures of their rides to the club founders, from there pictures will be distributed to each existing Chapter president. Chapter presidents reserve the right to interview possible new Chapter members. A vote will be taken among the current Chapter presidents for approval of new Chapters. Majority vote rules Once the new Chapter is allowed into the club a 6 month probationary period starts for the Chapter. In this time the new chapter is expected to make continued improvements on their vehicles, show signs of activity and keep in contact with other Chapters.

2. The new interested Chapter must have three members before a vote will be taken for that Chapter. This will not apply to already voted in Chapters.

3. Prospects are voted into a existing chapter by the other members of the chapter they are looking to join. Majority vote rules.

Section V – Car Shows

1. Members must report what shows they will be unable to attend to their Chapter President. Please give some notice if you are unable to attend planned events.

2. All members are expected to meet at agreed spots for shows on time. Advanced notice about a meeting spot and time will given to you by your Chapter President. Please remember to plan ahead for car shows.

3. Members are expected to leave show grounds as clean as before our arrival at the show. Please put your trash in trash barrels.

4. Cars must be clean inside and out during the car show regardless of the condition of the car. If the car is under construction and in primer it is still expected to be clean inside and out.

5. Unfinished vehicles may display the club plaque at car shows. A small sign must be visible on the lower drivers’ windshield at shows that reads “Under Construction”. See Section I Rule 2 above.

6. Chairs, coolers, strollers and other eyesores will be kept behind the club vehicles at car shows. These eyesores take away from the visual appeal of our cars at car shows.

7. All Members are expected to park as a group when possible at car shows.

8. If the conditions allow we roll to the show together as a group.

9. Never give out club meeting times or meeting places before car shows to non members. Remember this is your competitive advantage.

Section VI – Safety

1. There will be NO clowning with your juice with the trunk open at shows.

2. All juiced cars must have a fire extinguisher ABC available at all times.

3. All cars equipped with hydraulics MUST have a ground disconnect device to the hydraulic batteries.

4. Car club vehicles used ONLY in hydraulic competitions are required to have their front ends chained for safety & liability reasons when hopping in case of ball joint failure.