History of Eternal Rollerz C.C.

Eternal Rollerz Lowrider History

Above: ( From the left to right. ) Jamie, Andrew, Eric, Jay S. and Jamie chillin’ in 1997.

Eternal Rollerz C.C. humble beginnings came from the small budding lowrider scene in New England during the mid 1990’s. Because of the long winters, short summers and bad roads it took lowriding almost 30 years to hit the northeast. Two California transplants helped bring increased interest in lowriding to New England. Steve H. of Motion Hydraulics opened up shop in Brockton, MA in the 90’s offering hydraulics installations and Jaime G of (JG Customz) First Impressions C.C. of Lynn, MA was offering installations as well. When the lowrider bug hit Jay S. from Lowell, MA he started working on his own Caprice Classic lowrider in 1996. Shortly after getting his Caprice Classic, Jay joined a small lowrider club in southern New Hampshire. By March of 1998,  the club he was in at the time disbanded. Joining other clubs in the area was not an option because many of those clubs were either too far away or not well organized. He had a vision of a car club that was at peace and harmony with the community, members, police and the other clubs, and fellow club members. Jay’s other vision was that all of the cars in the club were traditional lowriders with plaques, wires, and hydraulics. No big rims or euros would be allowed in the club. It was decided that dues or chapter fees would be not be required at all in the club so members could continue to improve their cars and support their own families. All cars would have been gone over every detail and all hydraulic setups to be sure that they are the best on the streets and in competition. Quality over quantity was another thing he wanted in a club. So with Jay’s ideas and lessons learned from his former club he teamed up with Kenny K. and Mike H. and they started Eternal Rollerz. They purchased plaques and the car club was born. Little did the original founders know that Lowell, MA was going to become a hot spot for lowriders for over a decade.

Eternal Rollerz History

Above: Jay S. and Andrew G. chillin’ with the 64 impala back in 1997.

Within a short period of time the member base grew in the club. Some time later an old friend and new member Jason S. helped Jay S. in creating the “Eternal Hydraulics” program for new members. The first car to practice on was Jason’s Caddy Coupe DeVille. The “Eternal Hydraulics” program gave committed members the option to get their hydraulics installed by fellow members at a reduced cost or no installation cost. After that, all cars of new members would be juiced for half of any competitors price and done to club standards. Even some new riders who were not in the club benefited from Jay’s knowledge of hydraulics and willingness to get his hands dirty for others passionate about lowriding. Technical support was offered to all members of the club on a how to maintain and customize hydraulic setups for a better performance. In July 1998 Jay S. set the pace with Eternal Rollerz first show victory at the Lowell summer slam car show with a first place in the car dance competition. As the club grew even larger in size they began meeting on Wednesday nights at the Spindle City Corvettes weekly car show in Chelmsford, MA. To make their presence known T-shirts were ordered for all the club members. Cruising was and still is extremely important to the car club. All cars are driven on the street, even the ones that are worthy of being towed on trailers or a flatbed to shows.

Original Eternal Rollerz Lowrider Car Club 1998

Above: The original Eternal Rollerz at a car show in the summer of 1998.

Because of the importance of cruising their rides. Jay S. and Jason S. founded the annual unity cruise to Hampton Beach in Hampton, NH. The first unity cruise was held in July 2000 and it was a great success with over a dozen cars and two car clubs in attendance. During the “Golden Days” of lowriding in New England there was a friendly rivalry among the clubs but they would always help each other out. Those days would slowly disappear as the scene changed over the years. The summer of 2000 was also successful in the car show circuit. Jason S. took first place in the car hop and Jay S. took first in car dance at a car show held in Lawrence, MA. A new member, Ed G. made a strong showing to all the local car shows for that season. The summer of 2001 was also an excellent year at the car shows for Eternal Rollerz. The club continued to grow and prosper over the winter of 2001. Chapters started in Vermont, Virginia, and elsewhere.

Eternal Rollerz Traditional Lowrider Car Club Jay 1998

Above: Jay S. showing pride in 1998.

The summer of 2002 started off like any other season for the MA chapter of Eternal Rollerz. Everyone was busy working on their rides and getting ready for car shows. The weekly meeting spot / car show was moved from Chelmsford, MA to Methuen, MA. No one wanted to travel that far to meet weekly with the sudden rise in gas prices at the time. No one could decide on where to meet and when. Many other personal problems plagued our MA chapter members. It seemed like the club chapter was almost finished at that point in time. Jay’s car was broken with no money or time to fix it. Jason was having problems trying to finish work on his house at the time. Jose was busy being a responsible parent and husband with a recent newborn child at home. Luis was also having numerous problems with his car. Another member of the chapter had his Buick Regal hit by a van and totaled after it left the paint shop a day later! Jay and Jason also stopped the “Eternal Hydraulics” program until issues were sorted out after being “stiffed” by a few people that took advantage of their generosity. There was also a small movement to allow any type of vehicle join the club by a few individuals with different visions on what direction the club should follow. The temporary problems of the MA Chapter got better after some membership changes happened within the club. The traditional VA and IN Chapters stuck through things with the club. A movement started in the MA chapter to keep the club exclusive to “Traditional Lowriders.” Rules were updated to be laser clear about the vehicles and the rest is history. The trials and tribulations over the summer and fall of 2002 had only brought the entire club closer and more organized as a whole.

Eternal Rollers MA Chapter 1999

Above: MA Chapter hanging out in Chelmsford, MA car show back in 1999.

In the Spring of 2003 the old President of Jay’s former club ran into the website and they put their differences behind them. The result was very large group of local lowriders brought together for one single cause, to create a presence at shows that would be unstoppable. The Summer of 2003 was simply an amazing year for Eternal Rollerz. Over 21 awards during the show season were taken home by the MA Chapter alone! Also the MA Chapter left a lasting impression in the minds of all who saw them cruising the streets of Lowell, MA, Lawrence, MA and Nashua, NH. New chapters opened up in MT, MN, CA, WV, TN, and Germany. The club had became bigger and better than ever dreamed of. All of the problems the club faced only made Eternal Rollerz stronger.

Eternal Rollerz 1999

Above: MA Chapter get together back in 1999 for weekly meetings.

The Winter of 2004 wasn’t the typical winter for the entire club. Once the cars were put away for the cold winter months, many projects were started that would bring the club to a new level. The cars were getting better, the website was getting major improvements and plans for the upcoming summer of 2004 were made. A new members only forum was added to the site that kept all club members in touch with each other. A new chapter was also added in Australia over the winter of 2004. The MA Chapter was also doing very well with many new and enthusiastic members joining the ranks with quality cars. One of the new members in the MA Chapter, Mario showed extremely impressive leadership skills to the rest of the MA Chapter members. The former V.P. Jason of the MA Chapter stepped down from his position but remained a long time member of the MA crew. Mario filled in the V.P. shoes with very impressive results for the 2004 season.

Eternal Rollerz Hampton Cruise 2000

Above: Hampton Cruise 2000 flyer.

During the Summer of 2004 the MA Chapter and many other chapters put the miles on their odometers going on cruise nights twice a week. If you didn’t see a car from the club during the summer of 2004 in our club’s established areas then you missed out. Even though cars shows were not the #1 priority, the club attended quite a few car shows. During the 2004 show season over 60 trophies were taken home by members of Eternal Rollerz Car Club. Eternal Rollerz continued to show it wasn’t about car shows and awards but it was about the street most importantly! Some people were even caught off guard by Eternal Rollerz full presence at a few shows. Best of all the club didn’t have to drive 400 miles to a car show to prove anything to anyone. It was the best season yet for the entire club during the Summer of 2004. Please stop in the Events and the Awards page and check out the many pictures and awards of the 2004 season.

Eternal Rollerz History

Above: Jay S. of Eternal Rollerz and Jaime G. of First Impressions hanging out back in 2000.

The Winter of 2005 was overall a tough winter in New England and it was also for the club but as always Eternal Rollerz pulled through things. Mario of the MA chapter suffered the tremendous loss of his Lincoln Towncar in a horrific garage fire. The club rallied him to help get him back on his feet. Because of the support he got from the club he was able to build a 71′ Buick Riviera. As for the other members they were very busy racing against the clock to get some last minute projects finished before spring. The MA Chapter had released their first club DVD during the winter featuring club rides and members of the club. Copies of the original DVD vol. 1 were extremely limited to less than 40 copies. The club continued to gain momentum with a new chapter in Vancouver, BC, Canada Chapter added to the club family. Back in the Fall of 2004 the club had established a connection for old aircraft hydraulics for members who were interested in some old school hydraulics. The tech page was given a massive update at the end of the winter. Some very interesting useful stuff was added and some “lowrider secrets” were given out on the site. The tech page answered a lot of frequently asked questions and gave some really good advice from the club members own experiences. It was also decided that most of the chapters would still offer reduced cost or free hydraulic installs for their truly committed members.

Eternal Hydraulics

Above: Eternal Hydraulics 1990 Caprice hopper project back in 2000.

Above: Eternal Hydraulics 1990 Caprice hopper project with single pump to the nose. This project was never finished.

Above: Eternal Hydraulics 1990 Caprice hopper project with single pump to the nose.

During the Spring of 2005 the MA Chapter became very involved in the SEMA Action Network. The SEMA SAN informed car clubs of laws that can interfere with the hobby of working on cars. When a few bills came into concern in the state of Massachusetts the MA Chapter made an all out effort to get different clubs of all sorts involved. The MA Chapter continued on as the lone representatives at the time of the local lowrider community in the SEMA SAN. Other car clubs into imports and hot rods took very well to the message of UNITY the MA Chapter was preaching. Informational packets and DVD’s were sent out to the involved clubs informing them of what was going on in the state house. The events allowed the MA Chapter to become close with other types of clubs such as Mill City Motorsports based in Lowell, MA.


Above: Some pictures of UNITY in action.

Eternal Rollerz continued to improve their rides and themselves over the summer months of 2005. It was decided that the shows the car club would attend that year would all have a common theme of fund raiser car shows. This improved Eternal Rollerz image as a whole in the community and boosted the morale of members getting to help out so many important causes. No longer could those trying to discredit the MA Chapter say they were going to shows for awards. It’s not how far you travel to a car show it’s about community and unity. The members of Eternal Rollerz MA Chapter made huge efforts to meet and show up to fellow lowrider’s events. Car shows were attended from Maine to Cape Cod and beyond. ALL of the shows were for charitable good causes. Money was raised at these car shows for things like childhood cancer, breast cancer research, DARE, scholarships, toy drives and countless other charities. Trips were made to Rhode Island to support fellow lowriders help with their important causes and hang out. The summer also ended on a good note with the local lowriders united for the last car show of the season. Things started to look better in the lowrider community in New England. Also during the summer months of 2005 Layitlow.com’s forum became a important spot for Eternal Rollerz to reach out to the other lowriders.

Jay's feature in Lowrider Magazine November 2005.

Above: Jay’s feature in Lowrider Magazine November 2005.

Lowrider Magazine December 2005

Above: La Familia BBQ feature in Lowrider Magazine December 2005 mentioning ERCC.

Lowrider Magazine December 2005

Eternal Rollerz car club had it’s first vehicle featured in Lowrider Magazine during the Fall of 2005. Jay of the Lowell, MA chapter appeared in the November 2005 issue with his 1986 Chevrolet Caprice Classic Brougham. This was the first ride from the club to get into LRM. The feature was also not the last car from Eternal Rollerz seen gracing the pages of LRM. The feature boosted morale of all the members of the car club. This was also one of the first cars from New England (Massachusetts) to be in a LRM feature. Jay was very happy that his ride got in because it would open the door to Lowrider Magazine for other fellow lowriders in the area. Jay had never once bragged about the feature but he used it to encourage other local lowriders to put New England on the map. The feature was the product of nine years of commitment to the lowrider lifestyle and was well deserved. It was time for all Northeast riders to UNITE and put the New England and Tri-State areas on the map!

Lowrider Magazine January 2006

Above: Jay’s thank you letter in Lowrider Magazine January 2006 showing love for all Northeast car clubs.

During the Fall of 2005 The MA Chapters decided to start building a circus car to hop with. The car was a response to some talk on the Internet from others about hopping in New England. After a short search Owen, Mark and Jay picked up a 1985 Pontiac Grand Prix for free. With many hours of work invested and help from XTC (Extreme Truck & Car) and Sign Tech in Framingham, MA the project would roll out in late spring of 2006. On June 4th 2006 the hopper was unveiled to other car clubs. Mixed reactions were as expected at the event. The car’s first test was at this event so no one knew what to expect. After making some phone calls and doing some research watching some Truucha videos the issues were slowly adjusted until the car performed better and it did. After making some changes on the car it came back out on June 17th 2006 with much improved results. After still falling short of the MA Chapter’s goal of hitting back bumper the car was reworked one more time during the summer but it was not fully tested. The team was pleased with holding the title for highest hitting car in New England for the entire summer of 2006. The car caused lots of controversies online among some local riders who did not understand the real reasoning behind the creation. The idea of the car was to raise hopping in New England to new competitive heights after being stale for years. Cars in that region where still hitting below 20 inches. By coming out with something “over the top” it was hoped that it would raise the competitive heights as other clubs and riders tried to out do each other in hopping. It was also hoped that other clubs and shops would build circus cars to hop against the Pontiac. It was all in good fun so it really didn’t matter to the ERCC members. This car was the first circus hopper in Massachusetts and it had brought lowriding to a whole new level of excitement and competition in New England.

The club hopper's second appearance in action. Boston 2006.

Above: The club hopper’s second appearance in action. Boston 2006.

During the 2006 season friendships were kindled with Luxurious Car Club esp. members of the Montreal Chapter and their New England expansion Chapter. Charity events were visited by our members and many trips to other states were even taken. During the Summer of 2006 the German Chapter continued to grow with committed quality members and very clean cars. The club was becoming one of Germany’s premier car clubs under their excellent leadership and nice rides. Many set backs plagued the club during the season of 2006 but as always the club continued on as usual. The Fall of 2006 marked a sad end of our British Columbia Chapter as the club chapter was slowly torn apart by outside influences. Some of the challenges the entire club faced included lack of shows, member issues and rising gas prices cutting into cruising the streets. Some of the other chapters weren’t keeping in contact or reporting to the rest of the club so those inactive chapters were sadly cut during January of 2007. The idea of the cut was to eliminate chapters not putting in their best efforts.  It was also decided that the club would close it doors to new chapters so the club could concentrate on the current members and rides to increase quality.

The Summer of 2007 was the beginning of a whole new era for the entire club. The first phase of the club reconstruction had went well over the last winter. Dedicated members continued to build new cars and attend car shows around the world. The Australia Chapter nearly doubled in size and so did the German Chapter as well. The Northern Massachusetts Chapter decided on a new strategies for the 2007 season. First, the MA chapter decided to join MAAC (Massachusetts Association of Automobile Clubs) and become the first traditional lowrider club in the area to join such a organization. Joining the organization helped the chapter make new friends in different automotive trends as they all worked together to lobby against various unfair automotive bills. Good car shows were scarce again and gas prices were above three dollars a gallon but the club needed a place to meet weekly. It was decided to start throwing a weekly car show in Billerica, MA for all types of cars. Not only did this give the club a place to meet weekly without burning tons of gas but it also allowed the chapter to meet new people, expose the club to people who never seen a lowrider before and it created a fun atmosphere where ALL car enthusiasts were truly welcomed. Sadly someone was going around removing the club’s flyers from the store front windows that the club got permission to hang them on. This was a clear attempt to sabotage the show by a very few close minded members of the hot rod community. New flyers were hung up where they were taken down. Small shows and events put on by attendees of the chapter’s weekly show would remain the focus of the Northern MA Chapter. The show series ended in mid August due to low turn out and lack of support from hot rodders and other lowriders. The chapter continued to remain “under the radar” throughout the summer staying out of the politics and nonsense of larger semi organized events and consuming mass quantities of lobster. The chapter continued to build up their chapter for the 2008 ten year anniversary of the club.

The spring of 2008 brought new and interesting changes to the club. A new chapter was proudly opened up in San Jose, California. With the new San Joe Chapter it was decided that the club would slowly transition the rules to improve the existing club chapters and bring the club up a notch going into their second decade as a club.

We do look forward to running into other car clubs in peace, old and new. To this day we still follow Jay’s original founding philosophies of clean traditional lowriders united to support many charitable community causes, provide good role models, family values, and positive image to lowriding without dues or other nonsense.