Q: When was the club founded?
A: ERCC was founded in the Summer of 1998 by a group of three close friends looking to start a traditional lowrider club.

Q: Are you a gang?
A: NO! Our philosophies seek to break the long held sterotype that lowriding is for gang members and criminals. We have zero tolerance for illicit drugs, criminal activity, violence or illegal weapons in our club. We are a group of individuals united in our interest of the lowriding lifestyle and seek to improve it’s image through charity, community outreach,  good deeds and being positive role models for future generations. Our membership base ranges from business owners, police officers, active military, stay at home dads to manual laborers. All races, religions, and sexes are welcome to join our ranks.

Q: How did ERCC get it’s name?
A: The name used to describe our club. The name means existing outside of time and having no beginning or end. That describes our true love for lowriding. The ending is used to describe many that cruise.

Q: Why do you share some of the info that you do in your tech pages?
A: We are providing information to help preserve the lifestyle of lowriding. With the decline in available cars for lowriding and lagging interest in lowriders the past few years we are simply sharing knowledge and experiences that will help keep it going for years to come. The internet is a digital time capsule of information for future generations looking to research various topics.

Q: What kind of vehicles are allowed in the club?
A: We only allow traditional lowriders. We like to have cars in our club that are driven on the streets.

Q: What is a traditional lowrider to ERCC?
A: Many people have different views on this answer but the following is what we believe in the club. In most cases it is a RWD full frame car or truck with 13 or 14 inch deep dish wire wheels . Some trucks may have 15 inch deep dish wire wheels. These vehicles mostly have hydraulics but some are lowered and some are bagged. Some people say the doors and year of the vehicle make it a traditional. We do not feel that way, in fact we feel it is more used to describe the style of the car or truck. The term “traditional lowrider” is used to clearly define the difference between our style and the style reflected by imports, lowrods or mini trucks that may be mistaken as a lowrider.

Q: Why should I join ERCC?
A: Being in a car club can be a rewarding thing if you join the right club for you. Some car clubs have got away from what a car club is all about. We stress the importance of Unity, Teamwork, Dedication, Family, Pride, and many other important things. A few clubs want to be the biggest or ect, but they don’t contribute anything back to the hobby. All of us in ERCC feel that we are the right club to be in for one reason or another. We take action in the SEMA SAN to protect our fellow automotive hobbyists. Another good reason to join is that we are a family club and we welcome your family along with ours to events and club functions. We are proud of the fact that we ARE a family club. We are into having a good time with friends and family. Everyone is treated with equally and with respect in our club. We also treat other clubs with equally and with respect. Your vehicle and your profile will be given a page on our website. We post all of our vehicles online. We have no dues or fees to join the club. Also our members are always happy to help you out with projects or questions you may have.  Some of the chapters have reduced cost or free installations of hydraulics for members who have proven themselves to the club. We may never become one of biggest names in lowriding but you will be proud to be a part of our family.

Q: How do I join a established chapter?
A: Here’s the best advice we can give you. Hang out with the chapter you are looking to join. Show up to car shows and help them out with projects to show that you have what it takes to fly our plaque. Once the chapter is satisfied that you will be a committed member they will have a vote to decide your membership in the chapter. Being in our club takes a level of commitment some people just can’t comprehend. The club is about more than just cruising and car shows, it is a family. Part of being in a organized car club is that you may have to attend some meetings. Meetings are important to keeping things in order within the club. If you feel meeting are a hassle than this is not the club for you. If you are the type to bounce around from car club to car club we are not the club for you. We expect a commitment from you as a member, we are not a stepping stone. Remember the club is what YOU as a member makes it. See more on this subject in the Rules page.

Q: How can I start a chapter of ERCC?
A: Starting a chapter of Eternal Rollerz takes some commitment but it can be very rewarding. We like to see at least three perspective vehicles for the possible chapter. Pictures of these vehicles can be e-mailed to our general mail box. Make sure your attachments are no more more than 50K total. Once we get the pictures we will have a vote in the club among all the chapter presidents. Majority vote decides if the possible chapter will become part of the club. Some membership paperwork will be filled out and then the new chapter is activated. See more on this subject in the Rules page.

Q: What are the duties of a chapter president?
A: A chapter president is the ” glue ” that holds their chapter together. The president is not a dictator but they act as a ” guide ” to keep the chapter on the right path and organized. You would be responsible for planning events for your chapter to attend, holding meetings and acting as a friendly representative to other car clubs and the community. The chapter president will also vote for new chapters. See more in the Rules page.

Q: Are there any dues or fees to join?
A: There are no dues or fees to be a member of our club. No chapter dues, no membership dues and no chapter charter dues! We would rather see you put YOUR money where it belongs, into your own car. We feel this helps the club members out in improving their cars. In turn for our NO DUES policy we expect a solid commitment from you as a member. Look on the Rules page for more info.

Q: Why no club dues of chapter fees in the club?
A: We are not a business or a franchise and do not need mandated funding from our members to operate the club or support our own personal lifestyles. All of our founders work normal jobs and want to see you put your money into your family and your car so you can improve things and prosper. We understand many hard working honest people struggle to build their cars working legit jobs and added expenses are not needed in today’s economic conditions.

Q: What other things does ERCC do?
A: We are a family so we do family things together. We hang out, we have cook outs, we cruise, we throw car shows, we give to charities and we take interest in activism on various bills and laws that threaten our lowriding lifestyle.