Our Commitment to Quality and Pride

Back in 1998 the club started out as a group of local friends in Lowell, MA and now the club is a international club with chapters all over the United States, Germany and Australia. The club was not a over night success but our hard work and commitment to quality rides has lead us to our success as a club. Our ” Hands On ” Approach to building cars and other club projects has been for a long time a source of pride in our club. We build our own cars, we print our own shirts, and we manage our own website. All of our members have various talents that help the club out as a whole.

Our website was probably one of the first club sites to recruit new members and chapters through the internet. We are flattered that other clubs have tried to copy our site some even word for word. Our website is one of very few that features each member and their ride in every chapter. Through our tech page we offer our ” Hands On ” advice from our own projects and experiences.

Welding Lowrider

Above: Pride in working on our own cars.

Screen Printed Eternal Rollerz Shirts

Above: We screen print our own shirts.

Eternal Rollerz Shirt

Above: Our screen printed shirts from the back.

Eternal Rollerz Shirt

Above: Our screen printed shirts from the front.

lowrider hydraulic install

Above: Mario works on another car hydraulic install.

aircraft dumps and pumps

Above: Jay of the MA Chapter repairs and rebuilds OG aircraft dumps and pumps himself.