Club Reviews

“Awesome club, awesome people and cool cars. All that’s needed to say.” – Mike Galligan SLAP North East President

“I feel that the Eternal Rollerz are one of the top clubs in the area. Based upon your support, attitude and accessibility at events I have to say that you are a model car club and that what other clubs should strive for.” – Mike Galligan SLAP North East President

“I really enjoyed being on your website and plan to come back to it every chance that I get! I found everything very helpful and it helped me decide what kind of merchandise I should purchase!!!!” – Diana of Roswell, NM

“Hey guys, congrats on the trophies at the show, those hydro’s are sick.” – Mark of Reading, MA

“Much love to Eternal Rollerz. Always admired your style.” – Joe of Lethal Lowz C.C.

“Great site- I am so impressed with the quality and depth of it. You guys are a great club and I am so glad our clubs support MA hobbyists TOGETHER.” – Dana Schaeffer of Bearing Burners Car Club

“Dedication and Commitment exhumes from your tech articles. Continue the excellent work and much success. RIDE LOW AND SLOW!!!” – Abel of Chicago, IL

“The tech articles on here are awesome, keep it up, particularly in the aircraft hydros section! congrats on the cool site, ill be wandering through these pages for a while yet!” – Manu of New Zealand

“I had been meaning to post info about your site. It’s the best I have ever seen for aircraft hydraulics. Everyone needs to visit the site. If they keep this up, this site will one day be a feature story in LRM.” – Tony of

“I just wanted to express my excitement after viewing your site! I have been looking for help and brotherhood within the hydro world for a while!

Your values are what I have been seeking for a long time. I live in Rochester, NY and I have to tell you that rides with hydraulics are seen less than Dodge Vipers and Ferraris in Rochester. It’s funny that last night I was actually trying to find laws regarding hydraulic suspension online on the NYS Trooper website. I got nothing! What really impressed me is that you actually take the time to research the state to state laws that affect us and provide that info! Believe me, I haven’t taken this much interest in a website (More importantly a car club) in a long time! Your Mission Statement, particularly the fact that enjoying the cars is a top priority is refreshing!” – Matt of Rochester, NY

“Hey fellas what’s going on…hey I really enjoyed your tech. pages, its rally helped me a lot!!! I’m in the process of doing my booty kit right now…thanks!!!” – Ralph Dogg of Texas

“Nice website man, I sure am glad to hear from other car clubs we have to unite for the lowrider movement… Nice rides guys keep up the good work, from all the members of Solow Car Club. ” – Manny of Solow C.C. of NY

“Hey, You don’t know me my name is Tony. I have recently saved up my money and bought two Adex dumps for my Cutlass. When I got them to my house I noticed that they looked suspicious. I have been to your club’s website and saw how to identify a fake and real Adex. I am hella glad that some one put this information on the Internet because I would of put them in my whip and wouldn’t of said anything. I paid good money for the real thing and I just want to thank you & Eternal Rollerz for putting out a good informative site that is very straight forward. Thanks again, Tony” – 925eastbayrider of Layitlow.COM

“Believe it or not, I find the tech section more helpful than most LIL topics.” – NaptownSwangin of Layitlow.COM

“Sup guys, things are looking good around your way, E.R.C.C. is looking real good man, keep up the good work. Looking forward to see you out this summer peace.” – CJ of La Familia C.C.

“Hey, I was just droppin by to say good work on the site, and the TECH PAGE! its alotta help, not many pages out there with step by step pictures… Thanks Eternal Rollerz….. props to you and the fam from Tyler Hodges.” – Tyler Hodges of Indianapolis, IN

“Awesome web! Nice job guys. Tech page is my fav.” – Jose of Techniques C.C.

“To whom it may concern, well I just wanted to say u guys been doing great job out there , I use to be with the Chicanos car club in Providence Rhode Island now I’m back in Los Angeles, Ca, and now I row with R O car club , when I was out there I got to see a few of your rides and u guys have good style , not like others , and that’s what counts, lowrider style not who has the most members u know but yeah guys u guys keep it up out there in the east and good luck on car shows.” – Jorge ” R O ”

“Nice rides guys, and the technical section of your website is freaking amazing!!!! thanks again!” – hot$tuff5964 of Layitlow.COM

“Hey My name is Joe, and I have been talking too this guy “Big Norm” for a month or so now. I met him on Merry a while back and he told me about yalls club. and today I lucked up and found your website. And I just want too say Thanx, thank you for putting so much effort and pride into the lowriding scene. I live over in the States, in a small town, and it’s soo hard too see a lowrider, and even when you do get a glimps of 1, it doesn’t even compare to the quality of the Eternal Rollerz. your cars beat them hands down, no questions asked. I admire and respect the work and time you put into your cars.” – Joe Upton