Hello and Welcome Friends,

Eternal Rollerz Lowrider Car Club

We all are lowrider enthusiasts who share the same vision and support each other. We are a family club, we consist of brothers, cousins, friends and even father / son members. Our club is based upon the principles we liked and would entice a well-formatted club that would have fun with our cars. We have built a network across many states that is currently coast to coast. We are a real car club, not an Internet club. We are looking to expand but we don’t have to be the biggest club, just the best street car club. We here at Eternal Rollerz don’t care about the size of our club but do put emphasis on quality. More importantly our club is a perfect example of how people of different ethnic backgrounds, religions and beliefs come together for the love of lowriders. We respect multiple styles of vehicles and ideas but we are exclusive to lowriders in our club.

Registered with National Lowrider Club Registry since 5-12-00

Registered with National Lowrider Club Registry since 5-12-00

As a family we work together for positive things in our communities. We attend various car shows NOT for the awards but to raise money for good causes. We strive to do positive in the community and be good role models for our younger generations of future lowriders. Our car club also gets involved in SEMA SAN to lobby for fair automotive laws and fight unfair laws that can hurt members of the custom car community. We also support other lowrider clubs trying to do positive things and work together with them to accomplish common goals.

We all hope here at Eternal Rollerz C.C. all is going well for you and you make a wise decision about any club you join that is for you as a person, overall image, and most important fun / family. We hope you take the time to read the below sections about our club commitment to quality and pride, club reviews, and most importantly our colorful history.


Eternal Rollerz C.C.